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Axle Weighing

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Axle Weighing

Axle Weighing systems can be used for weighing multiple types of vehicles, starting from passenger cars and lightweight vehicles to much heavier vehicles with multiple axles. The system is portable and suitable for weighing materials where an error of 1 to 2% is acceptable.

The particular system's intended use is for weighing trucks and trailers with many axles as well as double and/or wide tires. Available with equipment for both static and dynamic weighing (as the truck passes over the platforms without stopping) with speeds of up to 5km/h.
It is one of the most lightweight system available on the market with platforms of such big sizes (1000mm L X 500mm W X 20,5mm H) which also have the lowest height of just 2cm. It is very light, simple to install & use and ideal for areas where access is limited. The system also includes interlocking leveling track on each side of the platforms to improve precision especially in weighing vehicles with more than two axles.

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