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Betolink VMSs Module 1 Basic

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Betolink VMSs Module 1 Basic

Fleet and factory equipment maintenance is a complicated and expensive process. An estimated 10% to 15% of a ready-mix company’s turnover equals the maintenance costs, provided the company has its own internal repair shop. If it doesn’t, the cost is even higher.
The maintenance cost along with the fuel cost, which equals approximately 10% of the annual turnover, directly weights down on the final product pricing and the more under control these costs are, the better the pricing policy the company can implement is. On the other hand, the better maintained the fleet and the production equipment is, the shorter the breakdowns in the production and the projects are.
Our maintenance software Betolink® VMSs integrates the best practices and the expertise of the sector-leading companies for its smooth implementation in ready mix and other construction materials industries. It combines easy-of-use with plug & play connectivity with the rest of our ERP modules as well as our hardware solutions.

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